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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ready to begin Preoperative diet.

I am writing this after the fact...

I had my final visit with my surgeon before surgery today.  I didn't gain any of the weight back that I lost over the last 2 months.  Yay!!! Tomorrow I start the pre-op diet.  That means I am 16 days away from surgery.  I still feel the same way both excited and scared.  I was very surprised that my surgeon remembered my daughter likes Tinkerbell.  Dr. Jensen gave me some Tinkerbell  socks for my daughter.   I knew I was in capable hands.  Now I know I am in the "right" hands. 

This past weekend I sampled some protein shakes.  I decided on three flavors to start with.  I got Cappuccino, Perfect Chocolate, and Strawberry Kiwi.  I am ready!  My 2 year old thinks when I use the blender I am getting a treat.  She likes my "diet food".  I hope she never has to learn what a diet is.  Good Lord willing, I will teach her how to eat properly.  Especially as I go through this major life change.  I had my friends try the shakes this past weekend too.  "Babe" doesn't think the shakes are bad.  My friend "D", well... does UGGGGH! say enough?

Overal, today was a great day!  The part about today that has me worried is Rebecca, the RN from the Bariatric Program called me, my insurance wants more information.  Of course they do.   It looks like all of the medical requirements are being met.  However, they want more diet history form me.  I have called Lindora in California (Thank you Cheryl) to have them search my records that date back to 1998.  I should have those in the next day or so.  As for the Atkins Diet, I have no documentation for that.  It was just a diet I did when I felt the desire to "try" again.  I have time frames because I would always diet before my vacations, but no "proof" that I did.

Still crossing my fingers (and toes).  Definitely keeping my chin up.  Rebecca says we just need to go to through hoops at this point.  We will not give up after coming this far.  At least it wasn't a flat out denial.  We are proceeding as if though everything is in order.  Worse case scenario is that surgery will get postponed a week or two. 

Have a great day!

For those of you wondering, Yes, I am planning one last binge.  I told the Nurse Rebecca I was going to have 2 beers tonight.  More than likely the last 2 of my life.  As for my "last meal", I can't decide.  The guilt of the beers is already weighing on me.  I will let you know tomorrow what I had. 

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