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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Water drinking.

I haven't learned to not drink during a meal.  I know this is a "no, no" but I literally can not get the food down without a sip.  I also find myself drinking sooner than an hour after eating.  I am too "scared" to ask my Bariatric Nurse about the damage I am doing since my last 8 oz of eating question to her. 

Do any of you drink while you?  Am I damaging myself?

Could you send some advice over?

Love ya!


  1. Good question, Angela. I've been wondering about this lately too. I only do it at restaurants because water is always there. At home, I just don't pour anything for myself and it makes it easy. I sip sometimes when I go out for food...Little sips - I probably don't even drink 6oz...It doesn't feel like I'm doing any damage...
    And usually it's only if something is spicy or it's after I'm done eating and we are talking or whatever.

    I try to wait an hour after meals...sometimes I wait 45 minutes if I already feel like my stomach is settled. As far as before-hand, I only wait 30 minutes to eat after I have had something to drink... If I waited a full hour before/after every single time, I wouldn't get my daily water in.

    What I have heard about drinking with the band is that the liquids can push the food through your pouch to the larger part of your stomach faster and cause you to feel hungry sooner. The whole point of the band is to keep a small amount of food in that pouch so that you feel full/satisfied for longer periods of time on less. However, I have heard that drinking at the same time could cause stretching as well. But I would think if you were stretching the pouch, you'd feel stretched. I've also heard that drinking while eating can cause you to feel full TOO fast and not eat enough protein that you need.

    If you get a straight answer on it, I'd love to know.

  2. You're not damaging yourself, as said above, you'll probably just feel hungry sooner than if you didn't drink. However, I've also read that it's a myth that food stays in the pouch; it actually goes through fairly quickly (no matter how restricted you are) but it's the band that helps with a feeling of fullness. Anyways, don't worry, you're fine!

  3. The dietitian told me the same last week - you're not suppose to drink while eating because it flushes the food through the hole more quickly. I don't think we are doing any damage though, if we drink while eating. The mouthful of food is suppose to sit in the pouch for 20 seconds before falling through to the stomach which helps send the message to the brain that we are fuller with a small amount of food.

    I've always had to eat with a drink, ever since I was little I cannot stand not to drink something after every three bites or so and I'm struggling with this new regime.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Glad you asked this question cause I to sometimes drink while I eat. I have been getting better at it but sometimes I forget and still do it.

  5. I concur with Blossom. You will just send the food down faster and be hungry sooner. You won't do any damage to your band.

  6. Oh the thing you do want to worry about though is when you get some good restriction and you forget and take a sip you could get stuck and it all come back up. I have heard some say that. That's what scares me straight, LOL.