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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eye Surgery & Baby Isabella

Her eyes dont look any better than before. Dr said surgery went well. That was all he said. Oh yeah, he said we will see you in the morning. We see him again I think I have a million questions to ask. I am petrified something went wrong since both eyes appear to be going in? I have seen pictures where the kids come out of surgery with perfect repositioning what happened here?

Baby Isabella is out of danger. Thank you for the prayers. She does have a blockage caused from the NEC infection and will be having surgery. Probably in about 3 weeks. She has to recover fully from the NEC infection. I did get to see her today and she looks so much better than she did in Yuma. God is holding her hand.

Just so you know I didnt eat all the food earlier. I did eat all of the egg salad. The insides of the grilled cheese. I brought home all of the olives except the black ones they were yucky. I ate the a few onion rings and all the gravy off the mashed potatoes.
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  1. Poor little thing. Definitely make sure you pin your doctor down and ask what's going on.

  2. Poor little girl. I'm sure everything is going well, don't forget to ask the doctor every question you have. Your family is still in my prayers.

  3. Oh, baby. I hope she starts to feel better soon!!

  4. Poor little pudding. I don't like seeing children in pain. And you too ((hugs)) - tough on the Momma. Take care of yourself too.