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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do you burp as much as I do?

I am beginning to wonder if my burping is out of control.  I seem to NEED to HAVE to burp during and after every meal and snack. 

Am I doing something wrong?  Before surgery, I hardly ever burped unless it slipped out and was uncontrollable during a Diet Pepsi.  My sister use to laugh at me because I couldn't "force" myself to burp if my life depended on it.  Post surgery I was miserable because I couldn't burp.  Now I have to make myself burp by pounding on my chest or they just escape. 

I don't think this is a PB.  I hope its not the beginning of one that gets better after I burp.  I definitely feel better once I burp. 

Tell me your experience with burps. 

Have a great day all!


  1. OMG! Me too. So, after my surgery, I had crazy, long burps and then it went away. After my first fill...the crazy, long burps came back. They are the I-could-burp-the-alphabet kind of burps. LOL I wish I would go away! I think it has something to do with restriction... It doesn't cause any problems for me, but it isn't very lady-like...thank goodness my husband just laughs.

  2. No, it's normal. Apparently after this surgery many people are gassier than before (I include myself in this group, so I feel your pain! :-/)

  3. I burp like crazy too! I've always been a bit of a burper because I drink a lot of Diet Coke but now I burp even more. I think gas gets caught in the pouch while eating and needs to escape so the food can get through to the stomach.

    I am constantly staying "excuse me" these days!


  4. I'm so glad you asked this!! I'm having the same thing!

  5. Haven't had any burping problems but I heard is normal.

  6. I've heard it's normal, but luckily mine are under control so far. However, I don't think I've gotten to my sweet sop, bo maybe they will kick in then. Hope not, though.