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Blog Disclaimer: When I write I don't have an outline or such. I write off of the top of my head. I don't even bother to edit. If I were to edit I feel I would change the post entirely. I post what I feel at that given moment. It may even jump around a bit. Read at your own discretion. =)

Friday, September 3, 2010

What a special day today is.

I had a great day today.

My neice gave birth to her daughter today.  She had her at 30 weeks instead of the normal 40.  Her mother, my sister had her son 2 months early. I guess its in the blood.  My neice started bleeding Tuesday morning and went to the hospital. They found out she had lost her mucus plug. Later that night her water broke.  Theyb gave them steroids and it was critical the baby stay in the womb for 24 hours. She made it almost 60 hours. Baby girl came into the world at 3lbs 3oz. She is breathing on her own. Such a blessing!  God is good. :)

My neice told me she is going to teach how to say "ooooldddd" when she asks the baby how old her grandma is.  I started that with my oldest. No reason to change the tradition.  Of course my sister is my baby sister.  My only sister.  Therefore my favorite sister in the whole wide world!!!