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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Better than sex! and did I just do that?

The answer is YES! I DID DO IT.

I am embarassed to even admit it. However this blog is about my life with the lap band and this is a doozy of an I did it! I ran to the hospital after work to see baby Isabella. We didn't get to go in right away they were working on changing her lines and they needed a sterile environment. Anyways, after the visit I am on my way to pick up my girls and my mind immediately turns to what am I going to feed them for dinner. Its already an hour later and they should be eating about that time. There is a Church's Chicken on the way there. I stop and order the 11 piece leg & thigh special. I am thinking I can feed my girls and give all the legs to my dad and he will be happy & fed too.

We stop at my parents house & visit for a few minutes. As my dad is taking the legs out I see a crunchy piece and decide to put it in my mouth and suck out all the flavor then spit it out.  I am still on mushies so I know I can't swallow it.  Oh my goodness was the flavor absolutely delicious.  I had no problem spitting it out after I was satisfied. Its only been 5 weeks since I had anything so tastey.   2 weeks pre-op liquid diet and now post-op diet has been pretty bland. The girls and I say good bye and head home. My oldest wants her chickens, (yes, plural) now!  I can't blame her. Its smells so good and it tasted delicious. 

We are now home and I have to debone the chicken so the girls can eat it. I take the skin off for them too.  Well without thinking a piece of fried chicken skin made it into my mouth. This time unconsciously. Next thing I know I swallowed some. OH MY GOODNESS WHAT DID I JUST DO?  I can't even finish that thought because all of a sudden there is a huge pain in my chest along the breast bone. I spit out what is left in my mouth and start praying. Oh my, I just know I am going to die. It really hurts.  I keep deboneing the chicken my girls need to eat dinner. I can die after dinner. I start to feel better and I am calmer now so I can think a bit more clearly.  

This is my clear thought:  "I survived that. Why don't I just suck all of the rest of the fat off of the chicken skin". YES, I DID!  I chewed up all of the chicken skin to make sure I got all of the flavor out then spit it out. Yup, I sure did.  I was possessed I am telling you.  I don't know who or what possessed me but something sure as heck did.  Fried chicken is not my weakness pizza and Mexican food are.  I might have eaten fried chicken max of 3 times a year on average over my lifetime. Honestly, not my thing. If you happen to come across whatever possessed me please, don't send it back. I hope it doesn't try and have a visit with you either. :)

Do I feel ashamed? Yes, I do.

Do I regret it? Now I do as I burp it up and feel totally uncomfortable.

What was I thinking while I was doing it??? This is better than sex! 

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  1. OMG! You crack me up!! And congratulations - you've had your first stuck episode :)

    We could get in some serious trouble...mexican food is my ultimate weakness!! I could seriously maim anyone that gets between me and fajitas. I swear I must have mexican blood in me :)

    By the mom always said that if you think food is better than sex you're doing it wrong. I say mom never had to go 4 wks without eating solid food!!

  2. OMG! That cracked me up. I started sucking on pretzels by the time the mushy phase came. I can start real food today and am sooooooooo excited!

  3. PS - Gave you an award on my blog -

  4. That's the stuck feeling. I've had it a couple of times, and it's not fun. Wow you're doing so good on mushies....I advanced myself on the liquid part of the diet and now I'm on's all it's cracked up to be! lol

  5. LOL! Down 7 days of liquids only, I can totally relate too how that taste of fatty goodness was equivalent to sex. YOUR HILARIOUS! Well, you got your fix so hopefully you'll be good for a while.

    I have mexican blood running through my veins also. We ate it numerous times a week and in fact, it was my last meal last weekend before starting pre-op.

    How is the weight loss coming? I keep looking for an update ;)

  6. LOL, oooh girl I would have feel out over some chicken. I haven't had fried chicken in months. That is one of my vices. I am praying that I never get stuck. I guess thats why I chew everything to an oblivion.

  7. Oh dear. I hope you didn't hurt your insides when you had that chicken. There's a reason why they tell you not to eat solid foods for a while after surgery, you can dislodge the band before they have time to tighten it, you can cause erosion, slippage, etc. Yikes. Please don't do that again!

    I hear ya on the chicken skin though. OMG I was dreaming about it the other day. So good. I haven't had it in years. And...oh was my most favoritest food in the world, but since the band I can't eat it at all anymore. (Well, I can eat the cheese off of it, but I can't eat the dough at all.)

  8. Wow! Crazy Chicken story! My weakness is chocolate and cupcakes... *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at