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Blog Disclaimer: When I write I don't have an outline or such. I write off of the top of my head. I don't even bother to edit. If I were to edit I feel I would change the post entirely. I post what I feel at that given moment. It may even jump around a bit. Read at your own discretion. =)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Filling Up Woody

Filling up Woody the pinata for this year's company BBQ.

Good thing candy isn't my weakness.
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  1. Is it bad that I saw 'Filling up Woody' and my mind went straight to the gutter??

  2. I thought maybe your band was named Woody!

  3. Haha I had my mind in the gutter as well when I saw your title. :)

  4. I'm a clean living girl! I just want a Woody of my own!