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Monday, September 20, 2010

Motivation Monday & I have Protein Shakes

I do have protein shakes. I just hate them. :( In the photo is $100 worth of protein shakes. There is a guy here locally that sells them and he gave me about ten sample flavors. I thought they were the best tasting of all the proteins I tried. When I first tried them I thought they were great. Now to get them to my mouth is a battle. I have Strawberry-Kiwi, Cappuccino, and Perfect Chocolate. I love to mix the Cappuccino & Chocolate its almost like a Mocha Frapuccino. I dont drink coffee but I sure do love me a Mocha Frapuccino. :) I promise I will try a shake tomorrow morning. I have a little single cup blender and it makes them taste better when like a smoothie. However, I can't even tolerate them like that anymore :(

Needless to say, I think you all see what I am trying to motivate myself on... Protein Shakes.

Thank you all for caring. I really appreciate it.

Happy Monday All!
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  1. You can do it! If I can so can you. :)

  2. I found that they taste better if you add a packet of splenda. It seems to counteract that funny taste.

  3. I started out so strong on protein shakes and I burned out on them too! I need to get back to them as my breakfast just to have that big boost of protein, but they are sometimes oddly too sweet! AND, when I blend mine with fruit and some yogurt, I can't finish them sometimes because I get full too quickly. I think the blender adds some extra whippy air to them or something?

    If I could just chug it, that would help, but no chugging allowed!