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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I forgot to say about my fill yesterday.

I really hate to post from my phone and that was the case last night.  Lately I had noticed a little bump on my port scar.  Its been there for a couple of weeks or so possibly longer.  I didn't mention it to the Dr because it never even entered my mind.  My Dr said it looks like I have a stitch trying to come out.  I then remembered the bump that is kind of like a pimple bump.  So I asked if that was the bump, she said yes and that I must have popped a stitch.  She did have a harder time accessing my port yesterday.  She actually had to switch sides on the table to get to it.  It hurt a lot more  because of her manipulating it too.  Now I have to wonder what I did to pop a stitch and make the port loose.  At my next fill on Jan 10th she will let me know if we need to do anything about it at that time. 

In my mind I know what I did, I picked up my girls during recovery.  There is no way to be a mother without picking up your children.  They were both in cribs during that time.  I guess that can explain why it hurts and why I had that period of time when it hurt so much before.

Also, there was a gal after me that came in for her fill when she went back she came back out and I commented on how fast she was done.  She said they didn't do a fill for her and that she was tight enough since she had lost 9 pounds in six weeks.  I was thinking WTF again.  How does my Dr think that only half a pound a week is acceptable.  I was hoping to lose at least ten by my next fill.  I know slow and steady is the key to success, but heck, I could have lost half a pound a week on my own without the band.  YEAH RIGHT!!!  I know the truth, I NEED MY BAND.

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