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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Does liquids have to be just water?

Does iced tea count as getting water in?  I have noticed my water consumption is down and my iced tea consumption is way up.  If iced tea counts than I am definitely meeting my "water" goal. 

Do you all only drink water?

Have a great day all!


  1. Just as an FYI, Iced tea, unless it is decaffinated, is a diuretic, so actually you are doing yourself a disservice since it will just cause you to pee all the time and not stay hydrated. Even more so if it is sweet tea since you will just be drinking emoty calories (and I'm a Southern Girl so it has been a heck of a hard habit to kick the hummingbird water habit!).

    Water is water. Once you throw caffiene into the mix, the hydrating benefits of water is reduced somewhat. Have you tried zero or low calorie vitamin water? It is great and better tasting than just plain old water! :)

  2. I struggle greatly with water. Somedays, I meet if not exceed the daily goal, others - I have to force myself to take a sip. Nothin is as good as water, per the Dr. BUT things like Crystal Light counds as water servings. :) (I love me some Iced Tea too!)

  3. Try the Crystal Light packets!! I was having a hard time getting my water and started have a couple of those every day and now my water intake is through the roof! I do love Iced Tea though too!
    The Zero Vitamin Water in Orange is also a good sub for water too (there are tons of other flavors, but that's my fave!)

  4. I only drink water. I used to use the Crystal Light packets but I got so that I didn't like the sweetness so much. And I used to be a 6-pack a day Diet Pepsi addict. Go figure.

    I believe there is Crystal Light ice tea packets. You might try that. When I do drink CL, I love the Peach Iced Tea.

    And yea....regular iced tea is not so good. I have read and been told that if you drink a 12 oz caffeinated beverage then you have to drink 24 oz of water to counter-act the caffeine and re-hydrate your body. So it's just not worth it to me.

    I don't drink any caffeinated beverages anymore. The only thing with caffeine that I eat is an occasional piece of chocolate.

    Sorry for the bummer news :(

  5. I use the packets. I prefer the Hawaiian punch ones that are sugar free. I also do decaffinated tea just can't kick that one. Sugar free though. I really really enjoy Turkey Hill Diet blackberry sweet tea. That is to die for!

  6. crystal light used to make a blueberry tea. it was sooooo good. I was going to say go with the crystal light.

  7. I make decaf tea for my iced tea

  8. My fave is the Vitamin waters or a Sobe lifewater. I really just hate plain water. The only time it is really good to me is after a hot summer workout. Otherwise, I just need it to taste like something.

    I also used to go through Crystal Light like crazy, but suddenly found them to be way too sweet.

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