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Thursday, November 18, 2010

2nd fill coming up and I want a miracle!

Read the following article and tell me what you think.  

Its Not About Restriction by Dr. Terry Simpson on Losing the Fluff Blog

This post has stayed with me since I first saw it.  I even have it bookmarked on my phone. I am not sure how I found it and I haven't done any research on the author, but something completely stood out for me.  I did have an appointment to see Dr. Simpson, but decided to have surgery in my hometown instead of traveling 170 miles each way for after care. 

"Some describe a "soft stop." Where before a sense of fullness occurs, there is a signal from your body -- this can be a runny nose, a sigh, or a subtle ache in the left shoulder. Patients who find this "soft stop," do very well with the band."

I know what my "soft stop" is.  I first sigh, a big sigh and it is noticeable.  I have tried to deny it is there, but it is.  I think I have another one too.  I think my nose starts to run when I am full too.  I am a bit iffy on this one for a couple of reasons.
1.  I  probably don't want to acknowledge it is there.
2.  It could be the salsa / hot sauce.
3.  I had sinus surgery in June and I suffer from allergies.
Okay, I am more than likely in denial that either one exists and is obvious to me.  :(

That article made me open my eyes.  Made me realize the wrong I have done to my band. I have shared that blog info with only two people.  My sister and Ron.  I know I have all the signs but in retrospect, I knowingly deny the fact that they are there.

Here is what I am hoping for on my second fill.  In no particular order either just writing off of the top of my head.

1.  I am hoping I WILL have trouble eating ANYTHING I want.  I hope I will not be able to eat bread anymore.  I can eat shrimp, I can eat anything I choose to put into my mouth.

2.  I am hoping to learn the difference between restriction and appetite suppression and find out which one is the one that works best for me.

3.  I am going to start measuring my food more often AND not eat off of the BIG plate if I am out to eat.  Somethings I can eyeball very well others I have no concept.  

4. I absolutely need to stop drinking while I eat.  This WILL BE my hardest to overcome.  I need to have something to "wash" the food down with.

5.  I need to start exercising.  Yes, I can come up with excuses not to during the work week.  However, there is Thursday night,  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday day.

6.  I need to count my calories more since I have learned that less calories work better for me.

7.  I need to up my protein,  My hair loss is still outrageous. I even cut my hair and layered it with short layers.

8.  I need to plan healthier dinners for myself which includes my girls.  Dinner seems to get me every single time.

9.  I will try to listen to my body when it tells me I am done and I get that "sigh" or "runny nose" even if I have only had one bite of something.

10.  I am going to rock this next fill and have some accountable weight loss.

When I check in I anticipate a 1 lb per week weight loss. I would love to see more.  I just hope I don't see less.  The scale tells me its about a 6 lb loss.  I could say to myself that slow and steady is better.  What I am not saying to myself is, oh yeah girl, you gained weight and had to lose it too.  I can't tear myself up over that anymore.  I am taking it as a lesson learned am I am looking forward to the next 6 week learning experience.

Will you share with me your thoughts on appetite suppression versus restriction?

Which works for you?
Which do you use?
Do you consider both to be just as important as the other?

Share your stories with me.

What are your comments on the article by Dr. Terry Simpson?  

Have a great day all!


  1. Hi Angela - Glad you find this one useful as well! He is a surgeon and stumbled across it one day. Every now and then I google him and go to his site and read newsletters that he posts. BTW - I swear he's located in AZ!

  2. I think you're doing great for only having 1 fill. I didn't feel any good restriction until my 3rd fill which was three months after surgery. A good friend told me that she had been told by her doctor to not expect any significant weight loss until after the 3rd month. It was good advice for her and almost spot-on for me too. No two people are the same and sometimes we have to do a little trial and error to figure out what works for our own selves. For me, I cannot drink with my meals and I can't drink for an hour after I eat or I get so hungry I could chew my arm off. When you have better restriction it will be easier to not drink with meals. For me, it hurts. I can take a tiny sip to moisten food in my mouth, but I don't drink. Also, for me, I know I have to exercise or I don't lose. I know before I get on the scale that if I haven't been to the gym the scale won't move. I eat protein first and I always have a vegetable with my meals. I've learned to like things I never did plain water.

    What I'm trying to say is that things will get better. With a few more fills you will be able to feel the restriction. It just takes time.

  3. He is in AZ! He's my doctor!!! Truth be told, he has a lot of good information on his site and you can even sign up for a monthly newsletter with tips. I've only had 2 fills and to be honest, I'm not sure what my soft stop is yet...but I'm anxiously waiting to find out. :o)