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Blog Disclaimer: When I write I don't have an outline or such. I write off of the top of my head. I don't even bother to edit. If I were to edit I feel I would change the post entirely. I post what I feel at that given moment. It may even jump around a bit. Read at your own discretion. =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just an update on my band and life

It feels like forever and a day since I last blogged. 

I got a bit wrapped up in the holiday and got to spend four days with my girls.  My little runt is finally talking up a storm.  She had me in tears so many times over the last few days.  I couldn't be prouder of her accomplishments.  Granted she is almost 2 and is barely talking, but now she is making up for lost time.  Just a couple of weeks we had our first form of communication (she would put her finger in her mouth to let me know she wanted something to eat or drink) and now she is "talking".  I can't imagine what I am going to do when she puts more than two words together or forms a sentence. 

Here is the latest in life:

- Dad is in the hospital.  We almost lost him.  He is a paraplegic and is prone to bladder infections.  Well, this one went septic.  He has been in the hospital since last Tuesday.

- Baby Isabella came home from the hospital last Wednesday.  She is thriving. 

- My house is almost all decorated for Christmas.  I may not be unpacked but I definitely have a festive house. 

- My oldest daughter says that Christmas is "Jesus Birthday."  She makes mama proud too.

Band update:

- After my second fill I was super duper tight.  I lost almost 5 pounds during the 48 hours of liquids I was on too.  I was as tight as could be.  Or so I thought.  :(

- I was able to eat anything and everything I wanted over the weekend.  Bread, absolutely no problem.  That really sucks for me.

- I managed to lose a pound over the holiday. 

- I seem to be able to eat fast, not chew well, and eat often.  Other than portion size, I wouldn't know I had a band. 

- I think I need to work my band more than I am.  That is my plan anyways. 

- I am still drinking before, during, and after a meal.  I am not able to overcome this.  I do it subconsciously that I am I left thinking WTF after I have done it. 

- I didn't take one of my blood pressure medications which is a diuretic since last Wednesday, I am hoping to see a loss by tomorrow. 

- I should be grateful for the loss I have had and not dwell on the fact that it isn't coming off as fast as it once was.


- I meant to post this one sooner.  I moved into "my" bathroom at my house a couple of weeks ago.  My shower is just a stall.  When I went to shave my legs I didn't have a ledge to put my foot on so, I just bent over and shaved.  After the fact I realized WOW!, I don't need a ledge my stomach isn't in my way like before.

- I decorated the outside palm trees with Christmas lights and never got tired, winded, or took a break.  I am still amazed at this one. 

- My car seat has a memory button that I programmed back in 2009 sometime... I now need to adjust it.  My stomach isn't in the way like before. 

- I went all four days off without a nap and was almost constantly doing something.  Don't get me wrong, by the end of the day I am exhausted and feel like I could sleep standing up.  My point is:  I can make it through a day not as exhausted as I was months ago. 

- I have lost nearly 70 pounds since I first saw my surgeon. 

- I am finally feeling "lighter"

Have a good day all!


  1. Praying for you Dad and for Isabella to continue to thrive.

    Great NSVs! You should be very proud :)

  2. Fantastic NSV's! Sorry about your dad...keeping fingers crossed for him.

  3. Yeah about the stomach not being in the way anymore! Prayers are going out for your father.