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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, I just got the results of the HIDA scan. My gallbladder is functioning @ 10%. Dr said that isnt even working. Dr contributes rapid weight loss as the cause.

On to another surgery. Second one this year if you count the breast biopsy.

Hopefully my port will get fixed at the same time since I rquested my lap band surgeon. :)

At least i know the pain wasnt imagined. I was beginning to wonder.
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  1. sorry. Gallbladder removal was very painful recovery. Plus your eating habits will be forever changed. Some people can't eat meat, some chocolate, me I can't eat spicy now. Hope it gets done quick and you you feel better afterwards.

  2. Ugh - so lame...but at least you'll be fixed....hang in there.

  3. Glad they figured out what's wrong. Good luck with your surgery!

  4. Goodness lady!! Hope you're on the mend soon!

  5. Ah, welcome to the world of lapbanders with no gallbladder. There are lots of us. I had mine out just before Christmas (3 days in fact) due to gallstones.

    I disagree with Sandra though, I find it very individual. I recovered about 4 times quicker than for the lapband surgery, and I really don't have any eating restrictions afterwards except for if I eat something VERY VERY fatty (which I shouldn't be anyway) I'll get the runs.

    Good luck!

  6. I guess I was lucky in the sence that my gallbladder was removed a year before I was banded :p You will be relieved once it is gone and the pain stops.

  7. Like you said, at least the pain wasn't imagined. I've been having pain off and on...they thought it was gallbladder but turned out not to be. It's definitely more frustrating not knowing.

  8. Just stopping by to say Hi.... Love the blog...

  9. I had my gall bladder out many years ago after painful gall bladder attacks for 18 months. I was never so happy to see it go. The procedure was easy too and didn't hurt me very much as they did it lap. I wish you all the best!!